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Has anyone tried Orilissa?

Has anyone tried this medication I'm seeing for Endo?

  1. Hey, EndoSufferer! While you wait for other community members to chime in with their experiences, I wanted to share some articles that may be insightful to you about this medication: and I hope these help! Thanks for being here in the community with us. Warmly, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thank you!! That was helpful.

    2. So glad you found it helpful dear ! I just wanted to check in and see how you have been doing! Hopefully well. -Kimberli (Team Member)

  2. I just tried it, and stopped taking it this past Fri. I've heard a few miracle stories about how helpful it was for other patients. Unfortunately, I can't say the same. Within 4 hours of taking it, I was in excruciating pain. It caused migraines (I haven't had a migraine in over 10 years before this) and debilitating joint pain.

    Called the Dr. and pharmacist and both said it's too new, they don't have enough data to say if they might pass or not, but if I can make it through ~2weeks I should and hopefully the side effects would subside. I couldn't. By day 4 I was also nauseous and had to leave work early just from the side effects, and I gave up.

    Wish I had better things to say, I know it's been super helpful to others, but I also want people to know that the side effects can be way worse than the Drs often make it out to be.

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