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Newly diagnosed after ablation and C Section Scar revision.

I was just recently told that 99% I have Endometriosis. I also have a cyst on each ovary and uterine fibroid. I am not sure how long I have had it or which stage yet. I have ALL the symptoms from back and pelvic pain, pain down my legs, I feel like my bladder is the size of pea! I have pain with intercourse and I bleed after. I had a uterine ablation in Sept of 2020 and no longer have periods but I still bleed after intercourse and a C section scar revision in June of 2021 and since I feel my symptoms have worsen a ton, I have gained 20 pounds and I have noticed a really bad odor. I have been checked for everything and everything is negative including UTI. I also have had blood in my urine and stools a few times and have had a recent colonoscopy and everything is fine. Has anyone experienced symptoms worsening after an either an ablation or c section scar revision?

  1. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through all of this. I'm glad to hear you're negative for infections, but I know it's frustrating not to have answers for your other symptoms. I haven't had all of these post-surgery experiences. But I did get worsening pain, spotting, and bacterial vaginosis from a dilation and curettage (D&C). It took me about 4 months post-surgery to get back on track (I also had to take some meds). Some of the other symptoms you describe — blood in urine and stool — could possibly be related to endo. But my GI doctor told me endo doesn't usually shows up on a colonoscopy. Has your doctor ever suggested a laparoscopy to see if you have endo outside of your uterus, on your bladder, or on your bowels? Many OB-GYNS aren't experienced with that kind of procedure, so it's best to see an endo specialist, if that's available to you. You can search the iCareBetter website to find someone near you.

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    Definitely keep the conversation going with your doctor about how you're feeling. And if it seems like your current doctor isn't offering you any next steps, keep looking for someone who'll help you find answers! - Keri ( team member)

    1. Thank you so much for your reply! I’m glad you were able to finally get relief after 4 months. I seen a urologist yesterday and showed me my CT and showed me how my fibroid and Wendi Endo are basically taking over my bladder. I am having a cystoscope Tuesday to see if it’s inside of my bladder. My Gyn Dr is new to me because mine retired. I felt like she didn’t care and blamed everything but Endo and told me my kendo shouldn’t cause Me this much pain and discomfort. I am seeing someone new next week

      1. I'm so sorry that you are dealing with all of this! Especially feeling dismissed by your doctor and like she didn't care--I am SO glad that you are going to see a different doc. It's so important to have someone who takes you seriously and LISTENS to you. Sounds like the urologist is paying attention and can help, and you'll have those results when you see the new GYN person. It can help to take a support person with you to help you get all your questions answered, too.
        Please keep us posted on what you and out! Sending best wishes! -Audrey (

      2. Like Dr. Sheridan, I'm sorry to hear your gynecologist left you feeling like she didn't care and told you endo shouldn't cause you this much pain and discomfort. It can absolutely cause a ton of pain and discomfort. I'm also glad you'll be seeing a new gynecologist who will hopefully listen to your concerns and get you the care you deserve. Please keep us posted. ~Katrina, Advocate

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