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Mri scan for endometriosis


I need an mri scan to diagnose the level of endometriosis and what surgery I need but I am massively claustrophobic even with calming meds. I can just about cope with going in feet first but not head. Can anyone who has had a pelvic mri tell me how they were positioned so I can prefer. I don’t know if it matters but I’m in the UK. Good wishes to everyone x

  1. I've had three MRIs to diagnose endo. For two of them I was able to be in an open-sided MRI, which helped with my claustrophobia. I was feet-first and my head was under the machine maybe an inch or two, but I could still see in my peripheral vision and feel like my head wasn't totally surrounded. For the third, I had a traditional MRI machine. My head was still mostly outside of the machine, but I couldn't really see anything else but the machine. I took an anti-anxiety med but it only helped a little. They are nerve-wracking for sure and I'm sorry that you'll have to go through one. Be prepared for one told me to expect them and they took me by surprise. One thing that helped me was being able to listen to the places where I had the procedure they provided headphones so I could listen to something I chose. I picked music that was soothing to me but also upbeat so it was loud enough to hear over the machines. I chose an album that was a little more than an hour long, which was the right amount of time for the MRI. Good luck and let us know how it goes! ~Katrina,

    1. thank you so much for replying, this puts my mind at rest a little and I will see if I can have an open sided one or meds if not. Best Wishes Julia

    2. I'm glad it could help ease your stress a bit. Take care! ~Katrina

  2. hi there! Just thought I would chime in and share my experience. I have had numerous MRIs. They were all open sided like Katrina mentioned! My head was able to be out of the machine for the most part. Maybe slightly in there for a few minutes. What I found really helpful was closing my eyes before it even started and not watching. Taking deep breaths and also wearing headphones with some loud but soothing music so you can't hear anything going on. I have also been told they could give me some medicine beforehand to calm my nerves, so that may be something you can talk to your doctor about before your MRI to see if they could even provide you with that. Sending you big hugs and good thoughts. Hoping it all goes well and you do also find the answers you are looking for. Keep us posted on how it goes! XOX -Kimberli (team member)

    1. Hi Kimberli, thanks so much for replying I will try your tips and the meds and hopefully I will get through it. Best wishes Juey

      1. Hi Juey, I once volunteered for a brain study about language-processing that required MRI. But I had forgotten I had claustrophobia. Just as the procedure was starting, and I was being conducted into the machine, I remembered. At that point I had no choice but to ride the waves of anxiety. I got through it by 1. Keeping my eyes closed 2. Breathing exercises, which I knew well from my meditation practice. I got through it, and I was proud. This was good exposure therapy. When you get through it, you too will be proud of yourself and you will come out strong.

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