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Libido after laparasocopy and removal of endometrial tissue?

Hi all, I'm definitely new here and went looking for answers to some questions. I have a lot but I didn't see if anyone had talked about this specifically yet, forgive me if this is a needless discussion!

Has having your endometrial tissue cauterized/removed/etc. caused a somewhat sudden increase of libido for anyone here? Pain during insertion of tampons or attempted intercourse is honestly what led to my endometriosis diagnosis. But this isn't libido in terms of an oh-I'm-excited-to-see-if-the-pain-is-gone-now way. I've felt consistently just, slowly more horny since my surgery almost 2 weeks ago and it's kind of annoying! Not complaining but my lover is currently in a different country, haha. I'm wondering if this is normal, or people meant that endometriosis decreases your libido only because sex is painful- that's what I always assumed.

I'm 21 and learning that I've probably had endo since I would have started to develop a libido, in my teens. I was a late bloomer compared to some folks. I've started to wonder if I wouldn't really have a good frame of reference if endo has always impacted my libido, chemically or something and I don't know what it was supposed to be like.

  1. Yes! I don't know if it was due to the hormonal changes or because I had gotten an IUD, but right after I was a sexy time maniac! It was a massive increase, since then I tried a different hormonal treatment and am no back on BC so it seems to have evened out. But originally it was a massive sudden increase.

    1. That's really interesting that you noticed that effect. Thank you so much for sharing that! If I may ask, did you mention it to your physician? Had they also noticed or heard about an increase in libido after IUD/BC? 💛 Kayleigh, team

  2. I wanted to pop by here and welcome you to the community first and foremost. You must have a million things running through your head as you are learning about endometriosis. I hope you know that you have the support of the entire community while on this journey. If you ever need to vent, need support, or even just talk to people that get what life with endo is like, we got your back here. I haven't personally experienced what you mentioned above but I can say this - endometriosis affects everyone so uniquely. The way it interacts with the body is so different from person to person. I think you made a great first step in sharing your experience here to see if others have experienced the same thing. While I have heard more from the side of endometriosis decreasing libido, it's possible it can have the opposite effect. Have you discussed this with your physician dear, warrior? I'd be curious to hear what their thoughts are on it all. 💛 Kayleigh, team

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