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If all else fails… then what?

I am looking for any remedies anyone has to get your life back from endo?
I have stage 4 endo and had my second surgery earlier this year yet I am worse off than ever. I have been through every treatment possible and have now been told I am out of options and just have to manage the pain. I am unable to walk, I am in intense pain every day and am on extremely strong pain killers without any relief plus induced menopause. I am only 25 and so have a long way ahead of me and with my body deteriorating I am looking for any methods outside of what medical professionals can offer that has helped anyone?
Ps… please don’t mention yoga 😋🙄

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I am also a young adult (24 years old) who have been diagnosed with endometriosis feeling like there is no hope left for me either. I have not experienced the same level pain as you, but I can give you a suggestion on managing the pain.
    What I have seen from others with chronic pain, even one individual having multiple sclerosis, the one resource that has helped them progress instead of regress is medical marijuana. I am not sure if your government allows this legally, but there are some states, like my own, who allows the use, but not the sell, forcing them to go out of state to purchase this resource. There are a variety of options to consume, so please do not think you only have the option of the smoking method. They also have different compounds where you do not have to receive the THC portion, just the CBD effects.
    Just to clarify, this is what I have observed; I am by no means a doctor.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hello, not sure why I have typos and computer coding in my response... please ignore the phrases within the carrots (< and >😉, and the ending of the first sentence from the second paragraph should read "instead of regress is medical marijuana."

      My apologies for this.

      1. Thank you for your response. Sorry to hear you are also in pain. I live in the U.K. so it’s basically impossible to get medical marijuana although asked my doctor and he said due to my complications (autoimmune disorder which can be deadly) that I could qualify. I need a specialist to prescribe it though, I am meeting with one in a few weeks. Fingers crossed I get something.
        All the best

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