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Hysterectomy for Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis last year. Have experienced bad periods heavy bleeding and pain all my life. Now I am on progestin pill ( Dinogest) but still bleeding from last twenty days. Bleeding never stops. I want to know from the ladies who have gone through partial or complete hysterectomy, does hysterectomy relieves the symptoms. Does it help? Please advise

  1. dear community member, firstly, so sorry you are still dealing with all that bleeding. I know just how frustrating that can be. I have been there so many times. Have you talked with your doctor about this yet? As for a hysterectomy, I haven't had a personal experience, but I know many others who have. Unfortunately, endometriosis does not guarantee any relief from endometriosis as endometriosis can grow back on other organs in the body. Still causing pain and symptoms. However, some women do indeed find relief from a hysterectomy, whether it be for a few months or years. And some just, don't see that relief they were looking for. But everybody is different so it is hard to say a definite yes or no if it could be helpful for someone. It's just definitely not a cure for endometriosis. But for now, until others share their actual experiences with you, here are some articles you may find helpful!

    Hope you find these helpful. Do know we are here for you so feel reach to reach out anytime you need <3 Sending hugs. Hoping you are able to find relief one way or the other. -Kimberli (team member)

    1. Thank you so much for replying. Doctor has suggested to go for complete hysterectomy including the ovaries. It is life changing decision but the pain is unbearable now. I am so glad I found this group.. sending love back to u..thanks for the support ❤️

    2. of course! we are here for you. So please reach out anytime you need. We will be thinking of you too as you decide what the next best course of action will be for you. Please keep us posted. It definitely is a life changing decision but if there is a chance it can be helpful for you, then you need to do what you need to do! But just always remember, even with a hysterectomy, endometriosis can grow back. <3 -Kimberli ( team member)

  2. I have had a partial hysterectomy (tubes and ovaries) and I still experienced some bleeding afterward, but it has stopped now a year after surgery. I also sometimes have pain, but it is not nearly to the level it was before surgery. Like Kimberli, I suggest speaking with your doctor about the possibilities. I'm so sorry you're dealing with constant bleeding and bad pain! ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. You're welcome.

      I want to make you aware of these articles:

      I share them because the information your doctor gave you isn't the whole picture. Endo can continue after hysterectomy in some people. Also, hormone replacement therapy is typical treatment after surgical menopause, but I caution you to read up on that as well. Using a very small estrogen patch caused my bleeding and pain to return, so I am not on any HRT right now. I do have night sweats and hot flashes sometimes, but I'd rather work with those than have the endo pain.

      I wish you luck! ~Katrina, Advocate

    2. ahh, definitely agree with Katrina that what the doctor told you, is certainly not the whole picture. I would definitely consider talking other options or also seeing if you could get other opinions from other doctors! Wishing you all the best. -Kimberli (team member)

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