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Endometriosis (MRI found nothing)

Hello! I would like to know if anyone has encountered a similar situation. A week ago I did an MRI, I was completely confident that they would find foci of endometriosis in the bladder and intestines, since during menstruation I always have blood in my urine and after defecation. There is never and has never been pain in the bladder and intestines. A few hours before my period there are always a few brown drops, there is no severe pain either, I don’t take painkillers.
What other ways are there to check for endometriosis? Should I get an MRI during my period? I did an MRI 3 days before the start of my period, when the endometrium grows beyond the walls of the uterus as much as possible.

  1. Hi . Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis and are you now worried that the tissue has spread to your bladder and intestines, or have you not yet been diagnosed? Blood in your urine and after defication is certainly something to be concerned about. Have you ever been referred to a gastroenterologist? That might be a good next step. Warmest of wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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