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Endometriosis Flares

What kind of symptoms do you typically experience when you have a flare-up?

How do you handle your flares? Is there anything that helps you feel more comfortable during a flare?

  1. Hi! here are some off the top of my head:
    - My heating pad is my best friend and one that I have 2 backups for because I basically use it 24/7.
    - TENS unit. It's a hit or miss because at times is causes me additional pains.
    - Medical marijuana vape pen. Doesn't really help but takes the edge off a tiny bit.
    - Nausea meds
    - Suppositories (Vaginal & Rectal) for pelvic pains. Ketamine or Diazepam-Baclofen or Gabapentin.
    - Warm bath if you can tolerate it. It makes me really nauseous.
    - Lidocaine patches (didn't help me but I know it helps others)

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