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Endometriosis and GERD

I've had laser ablation surgery for stage 4 endometriosis in 2009. It was everywhere. Bowels, bladder, urethra, small and large intestines and appendix ( doc removed my appendix). Felt great for 6 years but because of large fibroids, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 5 years later. Overall health was great until recently, say the last 2 years. I've had terrible digestive issues. Abdominal pain, bloating, acid reflux and constipation. I've had 2 endoscopic procedures, a CT scan and a bunch of blood work. No ulcers, H Pylori, Liver, pancreas and gallbladder are in good shape, no hernias. My family doc and gastroenterologist chalk it up to GERD and I'm now on 4 different meds and I'm getting zero relief. I basically have stomach aches and feel like garbage everyday.
After doing a little web research, I've learned endo can come back even after a hysterectomy (i still have my ovaries) in 15% of women. Because I've had it pretty badly in the past, I'm wondering if it has come back and causing me these symptoms. Anyone out there experiencing these "GERD" symptoms as well? Should I ask my doctor to refer me to an endometriosis specialist? Kinda losing it here.
I'd appreciate any feedback.

  1. Oops! Had a hysterectomy 5 years after ablation. So felt good for those 5 years.

    1. The ultimate source of endo cells is the Uterus, as you had a Hysto you wont have any Brand new cells from the Uterus, But, if you had endo cells in the body cavity and they where cleaned up with the abalation method during the Hysto, there may still be remnants attached to other organs like the bowel in the body cavity.
      You need to know what procedure was done previously, Hysto with a clean up of the endo in the body using the abalation method or the Excision method. If it is the former and been a few years, its possible it has returned. Im no expert, this is what i have gleamed from reading about the issue.

      1. Yes, I was diagnosed with GERD and after 9 months of treating it with GERD medication and lifestyle changes, there were still no improvements (according to the GI who just kept trying to schedule me for repeated follow up endoscopy procedures, literally I had 3 and then when they tried to schedule the 4th - 6 month fu endoscopy I was like no something more is going on here and searched for another provider). The pictures from my upper endoscopies showed irritation not in my esophagus, but in the gastro junction and the incisura area of the stomach. That was actually what finally led to my laparoscopy and confirmed diagnosis of Endometriosis.

        1. I am glad you advocated for yourself and found a different doctor, . Have your symptoms improved since you began treatment for endometriosis? Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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