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Endometriosis and a vaginal onion smell

For about the last year I have had a vaginal onion smell. It’s not like b.o. it’s like freshly cut onions mixed with cat pee and marijuana. It’s just terrible. I have tried everything possible to get rid of it but it seems like it’s coming from internally so it doesn’t matter what I do, it’s still there. My doctor doesn’t know what it is and has run every test possible. Next step is endo surgery. Has anyone else had this ??

  1. Hi there - so sorry you are dealing with this. I know it must be frustrating when your doctor cannot figure it out. Do you happen to eat a lot of onion, garlic or spicy foods? This can sometimes be a cause of odor like that. It could also just be sweat - maybe try wearing more breathable clothing. I know your doctor has run every test, but did they check for all possible bacteria's and infections? Hoping you are able to figure it out soon! Sending good thoughts. -Kimberli (team member)

    1. I have tried not eating onion or garlic for weeks and it’s still there ! I have tried cotton underwear, no underwear, it’s still there ! No bacteria or infections !

  2. Hi , seconding what Kimberli mentioned, I'm also sorry you are going through that. My heart is going out to you especially since your doctor is having difficulty pinpointing what it could be. I agree with that diet could play a part in that for sure. Just like when you eat asparagus or other foods, it can make your urine smell much stronger, other foods can have the same effect on your body as well. Might be worth looking into as well as changing up the clothes or undergarments you are wearing to be more breathable if you haven't already. It might also be worth going for a second opinion if you feel like your doctor has exhausted their testing. In any event, no matter what, you have our support here and I am sending out all the best vibes your way to get some answers. I'm really glad you reached out and I'm really glad you're here with us in this community. Keep us posted on everything please! 💛 Warmly, Kayleigh, team

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