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Endo related Ovarian Cysts Pain

Hello all! I’m new here. My name is Louise and I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year after a diagnostic surgery. Since then, I’ve been suffering with excruciating pain, bloating, frequent complex ovarian cysts (mostly hemorrhagic) and have been in and out of the ER. I’m so exhausted from doctor appointments and I just Want an answer as to why all these things keep happening to me. I want To be pain free. Should I worry about the cysts?

  1. Hi there louise.381! Just wanted to say welcome to the community and thank you for being here. We are so sorry to hear you have been experiencing so much discomfort since surgery 😢 I know how frustrating and exhausting that is. Cysts are tricky- and that is definitely a good question for your doctor. Sometimes cysts can rupture, grow large and press on other organs or sometimes they are just more of a neusance than anything (just causing daily pain). I have cysts on my ovaries and my doctor just monitors them! They mostly just cause me pain and discomfort. May I ask, was your surgery done with an endometriosis specialist? If not, I would definitely consider looking into one! They may be better able to help you! -Kimberli (Team Member)

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