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Endo Pain

Hello. I’m new here, but I’m not sure where to go to for this. I have debilitating endometriosis pain and ibuprofen and Tylenol don’t seem to do much. I just had a laparoscopic cyst/ scar tissue removal last month and I want to know if:
- is it normal for your next period to be just as bad as the pain from before the surgery if they took stuff out?
- are there any effective ways to handle the pain other than opiates and Tylenol?
- if you are someone who finds you need opiates even with hormones, how did you advocate for yourself?
- for people who are incapacitated like me for 1-2 days a month, how do you tell employers?

  1. Hello , let me see if I can help. I just have to mention that we are not doctors here, so we cannot give out any medical advice, but we can speak from experience.

    The first period after a laparoscopy tends to be a bad one. In my case, since my regular periods were already a bloodbath, the first one was just as bad as the regular ones. My surgeon also warned me to wait at least 6 months to feel any benefits from surgery. During that time, it is normal to experience pain and discomfort as our bodies will still be healing, and yes, this will take months.

    Regarding pain relief I am attaching a few links which I hope can help.

    Please feel free to use our archives, by writing whatever keyword you are looking for in the “Search” field, on the top left side of our website.

    I’m in the UK so, I can really say much about opioids, but I can tell you that, in the US, there has been a change in the availability and access of opioid-containing pain medications to patients living with chronic pain. I am attaching some information on this, and how to access pain-relief under these circumstances:

    Regarding talking your employer, I believe it is really important to be upfront about endometriosis. Make sure your manager understands endometriosis and how it impacts your daily life. I am including some experiences from our advocates, on how they managed this:

    I realise I’ve given a lot of reading to do, I hope that’s OK. Please get back to us if you have further doubts - Jessie (team member)

    1. Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate the reading and I thank you for adding your own personal experience. I was told very little and have had trouble getting healthcare professionals to give much long term insight. You truly have been helpful.

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