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Endo but no scar tissue or adhesions?

Hello, I am not gonna explain the symptoms that I have because I have all the endo symptoms you guys already know.. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis BUT I do not have scarring tissue or adhesions?... is this really endometriosis? What do you guys think? Let me explain a little further: I’ve always had pain, always. Since I got my first period at 12 years old. Painful periods, nausea, etc pain outside my period days endo belly etc. Oh and also gastro issues. Anyway my obg gyn told me he was gonna do a laparoscopy to for sure guarantee I have endo... well, surprise surprise, I had NOTHING; I had a little tiny cyst which he told me meant nothing... BUt he still diagnosed me with endo, because he said it could be “microscopic”... have you guys ever heard such a thing? I went to a new doctor because this other guy retired and he told me oh yeah yeah it could be you have microscopic because even if you just have a little bit studied have shown you can still have a lot of pain”... does any of you guys have it like this?????

  1. Hi there . Endometriosis sure can be a tricky thing. While I am not a doctor and cannot offer a definite answer, I will say from my personal experience, endometriosis can be missed during surgery because it very well could be microscopic or so deep that your doctor didn't look that far during surgery. Was your surgery done by an endometriosis specialist? If not, I would suggest looking into one. They perform excision surgery and know exactly what to look for. My first surgery was ablation with a regular GYN and he missed a bunch of my endo because he was not qualified enough to look around too much.

    With that said, sometimes, those with even just a little bit of endo, do experience more pain. I have stage 2, and have a lot of pain. Where as I know someone with stage 4, and they have lessened pain. There really is no rhyme or reason. Like I said, endometriosis is tricky. If you haven't looked yet, check out Nancy's Nook. It is a FB group and she lists endometriosis specialists that you can look up in your specific location or surrounding areas.

    We do hope you find some answers or have found answers since your last post! And that you have been able to find some relief as well. Please let us know how you are doing and reach out with any more questions you may have. Here for you. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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