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Endo Belly (Post Laparoscopy)

I had my first endometriosis surgery a month ago as well as an IUD inserted. I have been bleeding since then (which I’m told is normal) but I’m just a bit surprised that I have a majorly noticeable and uncomfortable endo belly that seems like it’s just appeared out of nowhere? I would’ve thought after the surgery I’d be less likely to experience this endo symptom but hopefully someone else knows more about this 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks!

  1. I'm sorry to hear you're having endo belly. It's one of those symptoms that's completely misunderstood. Experts don't know why it happens most of the time. Though, I've read that the hypogastric nerve is involved. I'd suggest you make a call to your doctor to ask them if what you're going through is "normal." I can't give you medical advice, but I'll share my experience. I had excision surgery and an appendectomy this past March. I had a lot of bloating and pain for the first month after. It felt like a mix of water retention and inflammation. I couldn't exercise for about 6 weeks. And I'd say it took me 3 months to stop having what I'd call surgery-related symptoms. My endo belly happens less often now, but it hasn't gone away completely. It'll pop up for what seems like no reason, though, I'm sure there is one. I do find that my endo belly gets worse after certain exercises, like running, and before my period. Food is also a major trigger, but I follow the low-FODMAP diet, which helps (most of the time). Wishing you well! - Keri (team member)

    1. You should bring this up with your doctor/GYN. For me, it took a while for swelling to go down on my stomach after the surgery. However, I still bloat, I have 2 other diseases that cause bloating so I can't say for certain if it's the Endo, or the Fibromyalgia or the IBS or a combo.

      Good luck

      1. Hi , I'm so sorry you are experiencing bloat like you said above. You mentioned Fibromyalgia, IBS and Endo and I wanted to shoot over some articles if you'd like to check them out about the correlation between them all. No pressure to read at all -

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