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Any good doctors in Mumbai for Endometriosis

I am new to this forum and very happy to know that we have such a great support system. I just had my very first laparoscopy. I am in search for an Endometriosis specialist in Mumbai who is tried and tested. Would be really great if anyone who knows it can please suggest

  1. welcome to the forum warrior. You are part of such a great community and hope you know you are not alone and that we are all here to help and chat anytime you need. How are you feeling since your laparoscopy? As for researching an endometriosis specialist, I recommend joining Nancy's Nook (it is a Facebook group). She has a list of endometriosis specialists both in the USA and internationally. That would be a great start for sure. And hopefully maybe others also do have a personal recommendation as well they can share! But definitely start with that FB group! Hoping you find what you are looking for. Please like I said, reach out anytime you need! -Kimberli ( team member)

    1. Hi , thank you so much for stopping by our community to share your story! I second 's suggestion to try Nancy's Nook for ideas about a specialist in your city. I hope that your recovery after surgery is going smoothly--please let us know how you are doing when you are able. Sending best wishes! -Audrey ( team)

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