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Could it be Endometriosis?

Hello, I don't know if I'm at the right place, but I figured it would give me somewhere to speak to people who may have had a similar experience.
I've not been diagnosed yet with endometriosis, yet ten years ago I had a laproscopy for unrelated reasons at the time and apparently was treated for adhesions and my ovary was stuck to my uterus wall or something. At the time I didn't understand that kind of thing so I just accepted it and ended up going on the combined pill to stop my bleeding issues that I'd been having. That worked, and I didn't really think about it, until I recently came off the pill five months or so ago and have had nothing but issues since.

Every month when I'm due to be ovulating I end up with moderately bad pelvic floor pain that feels like a lot of pressure around my rectal area and pelvic area (pubic bone area) as well. I figured it was a weird thing to happen so after the second month I made an appointment and got a referral to get an internal pelvic ultrasound to check everything is okay. However, the last week or so my bowels have been exceptionally bad, and especially when I started my period a few days ago. But yesterday I had a moderate amount of rectal bleeding when making a BM, and this has happened now maybe 3-4 times since yesterday? I generally do get a lot of pressure around my rectal area when on a period so I wouldn't have noticed before, but for some reason there has been a lot of blood and I'm freaking out.
I had a sigmoidoscopy a year ago that came back normal, but I stopped the pill due to HPV, and worrying it would worsen things. Therefore I'm wondering if all these symptoms could be related to endo.

I know nobody here can diagnose and I still have to wait for the ultrasound but I wanted to hear any other experience in case I'm just thinking of all the wrong things.

Thanks for reading!

  1. Hi there! While wait for other people to reply, I'll jump in with my experience. I often feel pressure on my rectum and bladder before my period starts, as if I can't fully get my poop and pee out. I've been told via several pelvic floor physical therapists, a urogynecologist, and an endo specialist that this is likely from pelvic floor tension, since the muscles go around the butt and pubic area. This tightness sometimes causes muscle spasms that hurt for a half hour after a bowel movement.

    I do find that pelvic floor physical therapy helps.

    On top of the pressure, I get a lot of digestive/pooping issues near my period. That includes slower movement of stool and then diarrhea. Fun combo! I sometimes see bright red blood, especially on the toilet paper. My doctors told me the bright red color means it's fresh and likely comes from inflammation of the anus. That can happen 1.) from diarrhea; 2.) hard stool from constipation; 3.) Hemorrhoids (which I don't have).

    I've been told that DARKER blood INSIDE the poop likely means it's come from higher up in the intestines. That can be a sign of something like bowel endo or inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis or Chron's.

    I've never had the darker color on my poop, and I've never had evidence of bowel endo (though I've never seen a bowel endo specialist, either). But it's definitely worth bringing up the blood color with your doc. That might give them some clues. I hope this helps! - Keri ( team member)

    1. thank you for your reply!! I have no idea whether it's related but due to the fact this sort of thing started happening exactly after coming off birth control it seems quite coincidental to not be! I don't know initially why I wasn't told why I had adhesions around my ovary etc in the first place when I first had a laproscopy all those years ago - I don't think endo was even on my radar then! I need to start PT eventually, I tend to find I have problems with having a tense pelvic floor more than anything else seeing as I also have trouble with my bladder and everything being too tight.

      I have no idea if the bleeding is related to endo or hemmorhoids, it seems odd that it happened just because of my period! I haven't seen it again since my period ended, which seems to tell me it might well be connected. I do have hemmorhoids, but they usually only really bleed slightly and get sore on irritation (if wiping too hard or something). It's still a possibility it could have been that but the GP said they didn't seem inflamed so idk.

      I'll be sure to get back to everyone with my results of the pelvic ultrasound anyway. I'm kind of worried what they may find but at the same time would rather have answers too! :/

    2. I so agree, very coincidental! Especially now hearing your story after coming off birth control and thinking about my own story! Everything you are saying literally sounds like me! The bladder problems, everything. I hate knowing others are struggling and dealing with this junk too, but it also helps feeling less alone. And makes me see, maybe I am not crazy or making these symptoms up! I know the fear of wondering what they will find, wanting them to find something still so you have answers or worrying they won't find anything. It's a viscous cycle for sure. Fingers are crossed for you warrior! -Kimberli (team member)

  2. Chiming in here as someone who has had rectal adhesions related to endo...I definitely had issues with pooping before I had surgery. It sounds like you're going to mention your symptoms to your doctor, and I agree with your decision. Please let us know how it goes! ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. I have so many questions about rectal adhesions. I am convinced I have them. But my last surgery, my bowel surgeon was not skilled in endometriosis. He was only looking for endometriosis that was legit wrapped around my bowels and did not see it. Is there a good chance he could have missed the adhesions on my rectum? I know it can be hard to see, if not looking close enough/know exactly what looking for. So I am thinking that may be what happened. But the pain there and trouble pooping STILL- even with totally changing up my diet, exercise, everything, is crazy. Kimberli (team member)

    2. From what I know, I think it might be possible he missed something. I had some lesions that were more on the surface of my rectum (as well as some larger adhesions) and in my first excision my GI surgeon didn't feel she was quite skilled enough to deal with them. Then I had a second excision with a more experienced doctor and he was able to remove it. I'm sorry your troubles is quite literally a pain in the ass! ~Katrina, Advocate

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