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Constant Bloating 24/7 For Years

Hi all!

I think we all get used to living with things and accept them as normal. I have endo and had surgery about 7 years ago to clear our the ‘cobwebs’ in my tubes and remove the cysts but for as long as I can remember I’ve always been bloated and gassy. Literally every hour of every day.

The only time I may not be bloated (and it’s not all the time) is when I wake up in the morning and my stomach feels empty and relatively flat. It feels amazing, until I need to eat and no matter what I eat or drink m it will make me bloated. I’ve experimented with different foods - removing / adding but nothing seems to work.

I’m 34 now with no children, weigh 115lbs and I joke that when I do get pregnant I won’t get stretch marks because I’m so used to feeling like I’m pregnant with twins.

But I’m really over it now. I just want to feel somewhat normal. I have never been tested for IBS or SIBO. I assume that it is largely linked to endo but I’m not sure so before I pay hundreds of dollars for loads of tests, I thought I’d reach out and see if anyone else had this similar issue? If so, what did you discover?

Would love to hear your thoughts and findings.

Much appreciated, Jaye.

  1. Dearest ,

    One of our advocates, Keri, has written about her own digestive troubles and her experience exploring the links between endometriosis, IBS and SIBO. I am attaching a link to what she wrote below.

    We have also this other piece that could be helpful, since it deals with several of the issues you’re wondering about.

    You see, you are not alone in this. Many endometriosis patients suffer from digestive issues, and in my case, bloating is a daily thing. Like you, I can wake up with a flat stomach, and end up my day looking like I am carrying a baby inside of me. All I can say is that any dietary changes I made took a good while until I saw any positive changes. Also, seeing a dietician helped me identify some seriously triggering foods I had no idea were not good for me.

    I haven’t been tested for IBS, nor SIBO. I simply haven’t been able to convince my GP to refer me to any departments that could clarify this for me.

    Please feel free to browse our website, you will find several stories written by our advocates, including myself, dealing with IBS symptoms, bloating and other digestive troubles.

    I am sending you the biggest of hugs, and I hope that I’ve been helpful today. If you have any more questions, please let us know - Jessie ( team member)

    1. Thank you so much, appreciate you sending this over. Will start reading 😀

      1. If you have any other questions dear , please reach out. We are here for you! Hope you are feeling well and having a great weekend <3 -Kimberli (Team Member)

      2. Hi there ! Just wanted to swing by and say hi and see how you have been doing/feeling? We hope this message finds you well! -Kimberli (Team Member)

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