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can you have endo even after a total hysterectomy?

In 1989 had a total hysterectomy. My Gyno. said that I would be cured and that it all would all be ok. Unfortunately year after year I still have problems. The Doctor that I see now said that it could not be to do with as endometriosis as once you go through menopause it clears up. I explaned that it was on all parts of the body. Is this right or should I see another doctor?

  1. What are your symptoms? Are you taking any form of HRT?

    1. You can certainly have endo after a hysterectomy, and I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing issues. This article has information about post-hysterectomy endo:

      as does this:

      And you're also right that it can occur all over the body. I think it would be in your best interest to find a different doctor. ~Katrina, Advocate

      1. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for endo. And, by definition, endometriosis occurs outside of the uterus. Personally, I’ve had endometriosis and/or adhesions removed from my abdominal wall, around my appendix, and from certain ligaments. Also, while endometriosis symptoms may lessen after menopause, many people continue to have symptoms that occurred before they stopped having their period. There’s also evidence that some people develop symptoms of endo AFTER menopause.

        Here’s an article you might find helpful to explain a little more about what we know about endometriosis and menopause:

        If possible, I’d definitely suggest you see a different doctor about your symptoms. You might want talk with someone who’s knowledgeable about both endometriosis and menopause.

        Also, would you mind if I asked what symptoms you’re having the most trouble with? I’d be happy to point you toward any other resources that might help with specific issues! - Keri (patient leader)

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