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Can endometriosis reoccur after a total hysterectomy?

Had a partial hysterectomy leaving one tube and ovary when I was 26. 2 years later, it came back ten fold on my remaining tube and ovary so I had an Oophorectomy done, 2 laparoscopies and 12 years later, I am still having symptoms possibly from the effects of the it possible to have endometriosis again?

  1. It depends on the surgery. If the surgeon removed all endometriosis as well as your womb and ovaries, then the likelihood of it returning is quite slim. But if there is any endometriosis left on your other organs, then it can recur, especially if you take HRT following your hysterectomy.

    1. It is very possible. Endometriosis is a tricky illness. Many options to help with endometriosis, do just that, help. But they do not completely cure it. For many women, hysterectomies relieve SO much pain. For some, pain and symptoms may not come back for years- if at all. For many others, it is a short lived fix. And a few weeks or months, the symptoms and pain are back.

      1. Kimberli (Team Member)

    2. What doctor do you go to to see if the endo has returned after a hysterectomy. I battle kidney stones and after a ct scan they are saying I’m not hurting due to stones... I don’t know to go
      To a family doctor or a gyno or what! I’m so lost, What symptoms do you have after the hysterectomy that makes you thank endo?

      1. I am going through the SAME thing. I have a history of kidney stones (over 150), and I had a hysterectomy for endo and adenomyosis back in July. My pain is back and similar to kidney stone pain, but not caused by a kidney stone. It is soooo frustrating! I've seen my urologist, a gastro doctor who said it isn't related to GI issues. I have an appt set up with my gyno in May to see what else can be done. Anyway, thinking of you and I hope you find some answers and relief.

      2. that sounds so frustrating! I'm so sorry that's happening again. Goodness, you are a serious tough cookie...over 150 kidney stones? You're a warrior. I am going to keep my fingers crossed for good news from your gyno this May. I'm thinking of you and sending all the love and good vibes your way for low pain days. Thank you for sharing and please, dear , keep us posted about how it goes in May with your gyno. Warmly, Kayleigh, team

    3. I guess it's possible. Endo can come back. I know sb who've been diagnosed on endo years ago. Severe, stage 4. But the main concern for the girl was the condition affecting her fertility. This might be surprising but she's never complained about pains or fatigue people here write quite often and other symptoms. Just inability to conceive. Her husband and her then began to seek professional's help. They got different opinions on the point, but finally decided to go straight to ivf. Flew overseas for more affordable prices. Ended up with twins.
      I'm wishing you soon recovery.

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