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Burning ovary pain after menses?

Hello, I have a lap scheduled next week to confirm if I have endo or not.

Little history is severe pain with period, cysts inside/outside of ovaries, fatigue, cramps all throughout the month & a family history of endo. Recently I have been noticing a BAD burning cramp in my left ovary that starts right when my period ends and lasts about two weeks. Could this be an endometrioma or “chocolate cyst” occurring inside the ovary?

Just wondering if this is endo related. My OBGYN keeps saying it’s just abdominal wall pain however when she did the internal pelvic exam & pressed on my ovary I literally started crying!

  1. I had a ball u could feel n see when it was swelled up to the point it was hard to bend walk or even stand upright for a long time n it burned like I pulled something in my panty line area literally 2 days a week I might not be in pain it's horrible had numerous ulta sound in n out ultrasounds er after er doc after doc n they said they can feel it but scans came up nothing one doc sent me to a hernia doc thinking it was a hernia n nope it was but he gave me another ultrasound n he found a palop or assist on outside of my uterus size of a handball. They also told me it was normal endo pain but I didn't except that at all..

    1. wow! that sounds so painful dear . So sorry you had to deal with that. How are you feeling now? Were they able to help you find some relief? -Kimberli (team member)

  2. Hi ! Have you had your surgery yet? If so, I hope it went well and you were able to get some answers and relief too. If you didn't have it yet, we are thinking of you and sending you good thoughts! Either way, please keep us posted.

    I cannot give out medical advice as to what it could be but I can tell you my own personal experience. I had a similar pain to what you explained. Mine turned out to be a cyst and some adhesions. So hopefully during your lap they will be able to figure it out <3 Sending good thoughts!
    -Kimberli (team member)

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