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Being diagnosed

Hi there, I’m not sure whether or not I’ve got endometriosis yet but it has been suggested by my GP.

Going for a pelvic ultrasound next week.

My symptoms are

Periods changed length
Heavy periods 4/7 days
Ovulation pain on left
Mood swings worsened during periods
Discomfort during sex before period
Nausea before period (recent)
Warm sensation that radiates down legs during period

Also infertile - haven’t been able to conceive for years. Husband has kid from previous relationship so fairly sure it’s me!

Hoping to find some answers about what’s going on soon!

If anyone out there has similar symptoms please get in touch as I can’t really chat to anyone else about this and would love to know how you’re getting on.

  1. Firstly, just wanted to say, welcome to this community. We are happy to have you here and want you to know that you can reach out anytime to chat. We are here for you. You are certainly not alone. Second, so sorry you are dealing with all of this though. I know how frustrating and well.. not fun it is. Honestly, everything you described, sounds exactly like my symptoms. Especially leading up to my actual diagnosis. As I am sure so many other community members could relate as well. I have learned that some of those symptoms weren't just endometriosis, but other things as well. So on top of endometriosis, I have PCOS, PMDD, which just seems to make everything worse.

    I am glad to hear you do have a doctor who has suggested the possibility of endometriosis. I hope the ultrasound is helpful. I will say this one thing though that I want you to keep in mind, scans don't always show endometriosis. I have had scan after scan and my endometriosis never showed up. Surgery is the only way right now, to actually see/confirm it. So if you do have clear results, I would consider fighting for more to be done to get your answers. It took me numerous doctors before one would finally listen to me and do surgery to diagnosis me!

    If your doctor doesn't seem to be helpful, you can check Nancy's Nook- it is a FB group and she lists a bunch of endometriosis specialists that you can research in your specific location or surrounding area. I do know there are some good GYNS out there too that will listen and do surgery, so it just takes a lot of patience and research. But I hope in your case you get your answers much sooner.

    Here is a quick article that talks more about surgery for diagnosing endo -

    Like I said above, do reach out anytime, we are here for you. Please keep us posted on how your scan goes too. Will be sending good thoughts your way for answers sooner rather than later <3 -Kimberli ( advocate)

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