A vial of turmeric oil

How to Use Turmeric Essential Oil

We know that turmeric has received a lot of attention over the years for its anti-inflammatory, healing properties. Many start using the spice in their cooking recipes and maybe advance to the supplement form. Now, many people are reaching for turmeric essential oil.

Being that essential oils are believed to be as high as 50% higher in concentration than the herb version, it’s appealing for good reason. But understanding how to use the essential oil is important.

Food-grade essential oils can be used in three ways:

  • Aromatically – diffuse it through the air to relieve stress.
  • Topically – add a drop to your favorite moisturizers or mix it with a carrier oil (like MCT oil) and apply to an area of pain/discomfort.
  • Internally – add a drop to water, tea, soup or a smoothie.

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