This Tea May Reduce Bloating

I’ve known dandelion tea to be a powerful herb that nature provides for us in the Spring – nature’s New Year. That’s the time of year that nature provides us with the alkalizing and detoxifying greens to support our bodies after a winter of hibernation – from back in the day at least. So, during the spring or during a detox program, I would typically enjoy a couple cups of dandelion tea.

What I later learned is that it’s also believed to be good for reducing bloating. It may be more folklore than it is hard science, but if my belly is protruding and uncomfortable, I’ll gladly try sipping on some tea.

I find about three cups a day to do the trick for me, which yes, means I’ll likely be heading to the bathroom a lot, but at the end of the day, the bloating is lessened, so, mission accomplished.

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