Iron-Boosting Cookware

Do you struggle with low iron levels?

We know that blood loss is real when living with endometriosis, and for some women, this can lead to low iron levels.

Iron supplements can be harsh on the body, increasing the chances of constipation and upset stomach.

The good news is another option to help boost your iron levels.

Benefits to cooking with iron cookware

Cooking in cast iron cookware can add iron to your food and body.

They are heavier cookware and take a little understanding of how to care for them, but they can be an effective and delicious alternative to help boost iron levels.

Here are three tips to start cooking with cast iron.

  • Preheat your cast iron. This ensures that the skillet will be heated and cook the food evenly. Setting the skillet on low heat for about five minutes before cooking should do the trick.
  • Soap and water won’t ruin your skillet, so don’t worry too much about that. Just don’t put it in the dishwasher or use anything too abrasive against the surface.
  • Dry cast iron thoroughly after use to prevent rust. You can certainly apply oil on cast iron after use (1 tsp would be plenty) or place the skillet on the stove over low heat to remove any excess water.

Do you have any tips for using cast iron? Share below!


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