How Not to Store Your Coconut Milk

Many of us in the endometriosis community have explored and adopted a dairy-free diet. It has helped some endosisters experience relief from their symptoms.

Thankfully there are many great alternatives to dairy now – especially milk.

My personal favorite is coconut milk.

I prefer the canned coconut milk versus the carton containers because there are fewer ingredients.

That said, we want to be mindful how we store canned milk once it’s opened. It’s tempting to keep any unused coconut milk in the can and simply top with foil. However, this is not a good practice to have. Some brands actually mention this on the label. They recommend transferring unused liquid into another container.

My go-to is a glass mason jar and because I can easily forget the date when I opened it, I add a piece of tape to the lid marked with the date.



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