Surgery Hasn't Helped, Now What? Part Two

These last few weeks, I have been working with a holistic health coach and functional medical doctor.

I wasn't sure what to expect. Deciding to work with them scared me more than deciding to just schedule another surgery. Surgeries and procedures are my comfort zone. Even if they never help me, it is my way to prove to my doctors, things are still going wrong inside of my body. A way to prove to myself and my loved ones, things are still not right.

So I almost decided to back out and not try this new approach. 

But here I am. Heading into month 4 of my 6-month healing program. I mentioned in part one, I still have a long way to go.  And that is absolutely true. Healing is certainly a journey. But the steps we have taken so far, have really helped me better understand what is going on inside of my body, and ways I can help myself heal to begin to feel better, everyday.

What have I been doing? 

Working on my mindset

I am learning that I am constantly in a fight or flight mode, making it hard for my body to heal. It's amazing how everything is connected: our hormones, gut health, stress. I know this sounds silly but really taking the time to mediate, journal and practice affirmations, has slowly begun to change my mind from, "I will never heal", to, "I have the capability of healing". Allowing myself this belief is something I never welcomed. It actually made me angry to "just think that way". But there is a lot more to it then just thinking that way. And when you have a team of people guiding you, it truly can be a beautiful realization.

Herbal supplements that nourish my body

Because of everything going on inside of my body, I was malnourished. My body wasn't getting the proper nutrients it needed, even if I was eating the healthiest meal around. My gut issues made it impossible for my body to digest pretty much any type of food and was keeping my body from any of the benefits good, healthy food has to offer. I now have a herbal supplement routine. And at first I stuck out my tongue to the thought of it. Thinking, ya right. But after giving it a chance and working with someone who truly knew what my body needed, I can say the supplements she has me on ARE helping. Helping so much that I have been able to stop some completely and cut back on the dosage of a few too.

Gentle exercising

We all hate this suggestion I know, but light walking really does wonders for me. Along with pelvic exercises and yoga stretches!

Complete Diet Change

They started me on the AIP diet. The first few weeks were hard. We eliminated almost everything to calm my gut down. But this was how I cleaned out all the bacteria and parasites I DID have. (thanks GI doctor for not listening to me). We discovered food allergies that I actually DO have and foods that just don't digest well in my body!

I read labels, try to buy organic if I can and am more mindful about the food entering my body, even when we go out. I bring my own lunch box with a meal if I know where we are going has nothing they can accommodate me with. Added sugar has been removed, and now only get it from fruits, veggies or raw honey. And that alone has been a HUGE factor in helping me feel so much better.

Of course, this isn't to say it's a cure. This isn't to say it will work for everyone. But right now, it's working for me! And I am learning so many things traditional doctors never even would have brought up. (Like the fact I am allergic to LATEX, AKA one of the reasons sex could be so painful for me!)

I am not fully healed and maybe never will be. I still have horrible bloat, PMS, rectum pain, depression, fatigue and ovary pain. But I also have less headaches, no more nausea, less constipation, less hot flashes and insomnia episodes, I am managing my weight better and have no more sugar or Carb cravings.

I know I may need another surgery someday and that I will still have days that are hard.

But right now, I am taking it one day at a time, fighting to get my life back. I know I am not my endometriosis. And I hope whoever is reading this right now, knows, they are not their endometriosis, too. 



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