Gift Ideas For Those With Endometriosis

Sometimes, buying presents for people who are constantly poorly or not able to leave the house often can be difficult. So, with Christmas creeping up on us quickly, there doesn’t seem to be a better time to start gathering thoughtful gift ideas for those with endometriosis and other chronic illnesses in your life:

Heat pads and hot water bottles

These should be on the wish list of any spoonie! They not only provide warmth when mobility is compromised, but they are also great for pain relief. Electrical heat pads are good for when you’re at home and air activated heat pads that can be slipped in to your bag make a handy stocking filler. If you are feeling crafty, you could try making a wheat bag. There are a wide range of shapes available in hot water bottles, which means they can be better suited to different areas of the body.

Bathing products

There is nothing nicer than a hot bubble bath when your body is hurting. Bath bombs can be nice little extras and you can also get shower bars which provide a relaxing aroma while bathing.

Alternative pain relief

You can get anything from headache balms to muscle rubs, and lotions that contain CBD and other pain relieving supplements like Magnesium. You can also get essential oil rollerballs for stress relief.


A diffuser can not only add atmosphere to a room but also provide the benefits of aromatherapy. You could also add in some essential oils, and a book on the benefits of individual oils.

Sleep aids

Insomnia can be a real problem when you live with chronic pain. Things that can aid sleep are a lovely idea for a gift. You could include an eye mask, pillow sprays, sleep balms containing essential oils, and herbal teas.

Home comforts

I think getting comfortable is one of the main problems when you are poorly. A v-shaped or body pillow are lovely to snuggle up to. Blankets are ideal for keeping warm when not in bed and you can get weighted blankets that help with pain relief. Loungewear, fluffy socks and slippers are also useful both for at home and on any hospital stays.


Gift cards for books, TV, movie and music streaming services, a Kindle to make reading more accessible, jigsaws, craft sets and colouring books are a nice idea to keep our minds ticking over. You can also get activity books that are aimed at promoting good mental health.

Food and cooking

A food hamper is a great idea for anyone, but if your budget is a little bigger, gifting a slow/pressure cooker or electric grill can make healthy cooking much easier for times when standing is problematic.

Spa treatments

Bad health can leave you feeling rubbish about yourself. A spa visit or beauty treatment can be a nice way to help this and give some relaxing time away from the house.

… And, if all else fails, you can always throw in a packet of painkillers!

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