Endo Awareness Month Giveaway: Etsy Shop Spotlight

This year, we went all out for Endometriosis Awareness Month in March!

We held a giveaway and gave away the most epic endo care package. All of the items included in the giveaway were donated by these incredible Etsy shops. We are extremely grateful for their kind donations.

Check them out!


Handmade by a warrior, for a warrior
Supporting Endometriosis Awareness - 20% of sales are donated to an endometriosis awareness organization.

Stickers, stickers, stickers! Disney, TV shows, movies, and endo warrior sticker packs.

Crocheted uterus plushies, patterns, and more.

Mugs, sweatshirts, and shirts for chronic illnesses, mental health, and infertility/adoption.

Beautiful stickers for endometriosis awareness.

Cute endo enamel pins.

Tees, totes, stickers, and key chains.

Adaptogen herb & mushroom blends for endometriosis, hormone balance, and stress.

A variety of the cutest acrylic resin stud earrings.

Witty items for chronic illness awareness.

Adorable chronic illness items.

Essential oils, body butters, and wine glasses.

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