What Sex Life?

Last updated: November 2021

When my husband and I first started dating 10yrs ago, we had 6 months before my health took a dive. During that, we had sex a lot. Then came IBS after my gall bladder surgery followed by other symptoms and diseases rearing their ugly head so sex wasn't really something we could do.

On the extremely rare time I was feeling good enough to try for sex, Endo made that really painful. It slowly got worse, every time my organs wanted to shift up for sex, there would be agony. I spoke with my GYN, who had never heard of anything like I was describing. (She has other Endo patients) She consulted with a Sex specialist doctor and they had never encountered anything like that either.

My husband no longer wanted to try to have sex because he hated knowing it caused me pain. He also started seeing himself more as a caregiver than a husband so he had no sex drive.

We weren't even able to consummate our wedding night. It wasn't until 6 months afterward that we were able to do so and that's only because I had my second Endo surgery (laparoscopic ablation) 3mo after our wedding.

I'm super glad I had that second surgery because, aside from messing with my sex life, I was in agony a lot. I couldn't sit or stand straight, let alone sleep on my back. Endo tissue would tear often causing extreme agony.

My husband and I have decided not to have bio kids for various serious reasons. A month before Covid, he finally decided he was ready to get a vasectomy but ya know, Covid happened. Now he's hoping to get it done before Xmas. Which, should help to restore our sex life a bit. It's been 3yrs since we last had sex.

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