Undiagnosed and Concerned

I’m 22 years old and have always suffered from debilitating cramps during my period. My family and doctors always said it was normal so I believed them.

Trying out birth controls

Around 16 I tried the depo shot since the planned parenthood gynecologist said it would alleviate my symptoms, it did not. So we tried the mirena IUD, I was told to wait a year before coming back for a follow up. One year later I was having the most irregular and heavy periods with constant pain during and after. I gave up after my doctor simply said, “Well, this just happens with some people.”

Symptoms getting worse

These past five years nothing has gotten easier. Constant irregular periods, some lasting months. Constipation and bowel problems. Debilitating cramps, severe back and rectal pain.  I feel so bad for my husband because I’ve been with him since I got my IUD and I’ve never been really interested in sex due to the pain it causes.

Visiting the emergency room

A few months ago I had drank a new coffee that sent me to the emergency room. The pain was such a stabbing and sharp pain, it made me vomit. The pain went from my uterus, to my back, to my rectum. I also had diarrhea and rectal bleeding. This sent me to urgent care where the doctor diagnosed me with appendicitis, and told me to go to the hospital. Once in the emergency room, I was told I have “multiple” ovarian cysts including one that is 6cm. I was sent home with a note that said to buy Motrin, a heating pad and a $6,000 bill.

Not sure where to go from here

I came to this forum because I’m desperate and want to know what is wrong with me. Is it the ovarian cysts? Endo? The IUD? I’m so nervous to go to another gynecologist because I don’t want to be ridiculed for being weak again.

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