The Only Chronically Ill One in the Family

Last updated: March 2022

I struggle with my diagnosis, not because it’s the answer that I finally wanted but because everyone else in my family can thrive. They can do full-time jobs, they can go out whenever they want, eat what they want, drink, etc.

The things I think about, others don't seem to need to

I hate the fact that I have to think about this illness every day; not always every moment, but a lot of my decisions come down to this illness. Can I have an alcoholic drink without a flare-up? Will eating this effect the endo on my bowel? Can I extend myself at work this week?

Having someone understand

I never want someone to experience this; but at the same time, I wish for a moment or 1 day that somebody could so they would understand.

I’m having my surgery on March 7th, and I am hoping that some of these decisions won’t be as hard to make, and there will be some relief.

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