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Hello , my name is Demi I am 27 years old. I started my cycle at the age of 9 , the pain has always been unbearable to the nausea, dizziness and back pain. At the age of 14 my mom had my doctor put me on the depo shot , the first month it seemed like all my symptoms got heavier and then came the headaches.

Instead on having one period a month , I was having two and the blood got even heavier by the third month I was just not myself I talked to my dr he stated to just give it time . By the age of 16 I switched to the pill and the side effects were the same , I was turning 17 so I asked my dr about the patch same symptoms but the dizziness was an everyday thing on top of the horrible headaches fatigue and nausea.

Switched treatment, but nothing changed

By the time I Was 18 I switched again to the Nuva Ring and the first month was okay and I thought I might have found what was best for me but oh boy was I wrong , the symptoms was the same when I had the patch but x10 . Then the discharge started I dealt with it for another month and finally told my dr I was prescribed antibiotics the same with the shot and it’s like it would never go away. I talked to my dr and was told it happens which those side effects can be because of birth control.

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After the ring I took a break from birth control I ended up having to get a laparoscopic procedure done because I was told that the cyst on my ovaries could be causing my bleeding pain etc . I got that surgery done and within a month the cyst were back I was told that it’s normal women gets them etc.

Fast forward to 5 years

I’m now 23 still in pain even worse symptoms, taking my heating pad to work having to act like I’m okay when I’m not. It really took a toll on me because I knew something was wrong . By the time I was 25 I ended up having a dnc and I was Placed with the Paraguard after and that was the worst mistake of my life. The pain and symptoms were excruciating I felt the whole was getting deeper and deeper and no one was understanding . Time was just flying by and I was still going through this I states to my drs I didn’t want kids I just needed help something was wrong and no one would listen. My insurance found the dr I have now and I made an appt .

Everything was being pacified

I felt like I was repeating the cycle over again and being pacified. I relayed over and over I don’t want kids I want to find out what’s going on. I did transvaginal ultrasounds blood work regular ultrasounds all to be told there was nothing wrong. I did pelvic floor therapy, I wanted to do anything I could do just to see if it would take away some of the pain. Finally I was told that I should switch my birth control and I did , I switched to the Mirena ( if you are thinking about an iud just know it hurtssssssssssss ) and you will bleed for months . I had some complications and went back and I was told again everything is fine it’s in the right place etc etc .

Surgery was next

I told my dr , I want the surgery and we went back and fourth and I told her I have nothing to loose I’m loosing myself and I need answers . She finally schedule the surgery and I had my surgery August 3 2020 . It is now October 6 2020 I’m two months post op . I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis of the uterus and appendix , they removed one of my Fallopian tubes drained a cyst on my left ovary and removed two endo cyst on my right .


The first month of surgery was better than what I had been dealing with . The second month things are going back to how they were the headaches and fatigue that I get from a scale 1-10 is 25 . My pain before the surgery was 8-10 on a good day after surgery it was 2/3 now we’re back to 9/10. I don’t sleep at night at all unless I crash the insomnia before and after surgery is still the same . I only get nauseous at night the pain in both of my lefts hasn’t gone away sometimes it’s the point where they feel like there asleep all the time with sharp pains going down. The only thing that has changed is the bleeding. Before my surgery I was going thru an overnight pad 30 mins to an hr sometimes less . After surgery my period ran because I was on my period the time of surgery I was bleeding for a  month and then when I got my first real period it was like spotting and I just had my last period end of sept and it was very light .

Other symptoms & side effects

Cramps and my other symptoms are super heavy.  I’m also having boob changes I don’t know if it’s a side effect of the iud but my boobs have grown extremely and they hurt alll the time like if my shirt rubs my nipples etc they just hurt and when it’s the time of month they hurt even worse, I also still have issues with pressure and pain when doing number 1 & 2. I’ve also had recurring yeast infections with the mirena . I was given antibiotics but the symptoms hasn’t fully gone alway and as I was told it normal you get them with the mirena .

I’m really glad that I got the surgery But I feel like I’m back to step one . If anyone has the same symptoms or got an answers it would be totally appreciated.

Thank You

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