Survival is Imperative

During my only successful pregnancy, my uterus was fused to my bladder with endometriosis adhesions. It caused me to experience two placental abruptions, and nearly took my life, causing me to live most of that pregnancy in the hospital or in bed on strict pelvic rest and complete bed rest. My endometriosis caused complications with childbirth, leading to my cervix exploding and bleeding complications.

My spouse saved my life

After it was deemed unsafe for me to ever attempt conceiving again, I was given the Mirena IUD that fell out traumatically in a gruesome fashion over a very slow, arduous, grueling 10 hours that resulted in my spouse intervening to save my life. After that serious medical device injury, it was decided I needed to be sterilized as quickly as possible for my own safety and health. I was given the Essure procedure. Several years after it was “successfully” implanted, it ruptured my Fallopian tube and nearly killed me, but revealed how bad my endometriosis had become. This resulted in a three year long struggle with medical negligence and an intense fight for my life.

An emergency hysterectomy that lead to another discovery

During this time, it was discovered and confirmed the cause of my uterine struggles during pregnancy were due entirely to the rampant endometriosis fusing my bladder to my uterus. That emergency hysterectomy resulted in my bladder being damaged. After that, I struggled with persistent endometriosis attacking my right ovary to the point that it experienced ovarian torsion and became necrotic. I quickly went into full menopause at the age of 27. 3 days short of the 1 year of my hysterectomy anniversary, I lost my right ovary and it was discovered that my surgeon misdiagnosed me with muscle spasms, when what I actually had was a vaginal cuff abscess that was nearly fatal due to undissolved stitches, along with deep infiltrating endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and my right ovary was buried in adhesions and necrotic from the lack of blood flow and overwhelming endometriosis suffocating it.

I barely made it

Less than 10 months later, I would then have surgery again with the same surgeon which lead to extreme hematomas and genital bruising due to incompetent and inappropriate mishandling of my body during that surgery. That was the same surgeon who misdiagnosed me with muscle spasms even though I had a life threatening infection that caused me to become dangerously underweight twice. On the last surgery, it was discovered that if my surgeon had waited even a month longer, I likely would have DIED from the medical negligence and treatment delay.

Three times

Three times I barely survived to the operating table and experienced complications during the operations because of it. Thrice, my doctor misdiagnosed me and still did not listen to me. Thrice I became severely underweight and lost the ability to eat solid food for over 8 months because my doctor did not listen to me and misdiagnosed me, along with nearly fatal treatment delays. Thrice my family was forced to watch me shrivel and wither away into a hollow skeleton of a person due to a life threatening medical emergency that my doctor deemed “wanting attention”. Thrice I was completely bedbound for the duration of three entire years because my doctor would not listen, delayed treatment, and insisted I did not know my body, as well as bullied and shamed me for being persistent about seeking treatment.

Survival is all that matters

During those three years where I was fighting for my life and unable to eat, my spouse had to carry me EVERYWHERE because I also lost the ability to walk.

Endometriosis has taken so much from me. My dignity. Youth. Babies. My uterus. My ovary.

I will not let it take my life. Survival is the only thing that matters.

I did file formal complaints against the two surgeons who nearly let me die. There was no justice. There never will be.

It would be enough to look those responsible for my unnecessary suffering and dangerous treatment delays, so they could be held accountable and feel shame for the cruelty they caused and perpetrated. It would be enough to see those responsible feel the weight of the shame of their heinous actions, and watch them feel the extent of their lack of compassion and how dangerous their horrendous choices are.

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