Stronger in Endo

In 2008 when I was 12 years old, I started to feel the endo signs, but it was mild and I thought it's time for me to have my menses, but it never happened.

My endo diagnosis

In 2009 it got worse, and more abnormal, and I had to see the doctor. Unfortunately, nothing was found, and he only thought it was my period about to start. The pain continued, and no menses until it was decided for me to have surgery to check what was wrong. In Feb of 2012, I had my first surgery, and that's when I was diagnosed with endo and vaginal septum. I thought it's done and I will never feel pain again. I never understood my condition. I was young.

Things seemed to progress

After two months, the pains resumed, and I was annoyed. I gave up and had no menses as well. Am I a strong girl. I lived my life on painkillers and injections😓. In 2014 things got worse. I developed a cyst on my ovaries, and they had to remove one ovary and I also had vagina-opening surgery. This was very painful. The following month I started menstruation but it was very painful.

Understanding my experience with endo

Now I have got to understand my condition. It has affected my life in ways beyond my control. I can't have normal sex. I feel pain every day. I fight through the pain. I don't know what stage of endo mine is, but I have almost all the signs and symptoms I read about. I wish there were another way. Fighting this for the rest of my life seems like forever but I carry on. I have lost relationships and this time my 4 year boyfriend has run away due to my condition. He thinks I can not give birth. I have my doubts as well. Am I a burden? Strong girl still fighting . The code is Happiness☺

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