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I was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 21. I always knew something was different with me when I would talk to me friends about my period. They would also say their period lasted 3 days, mine on the other hand, lasted 7 days. The way I found out I had endometriosis is because I had to have a MRI and the tech made a mistake and did my pelvis instead. That is where the Drs found a mass. I soon was referred to a gyno who diagnosed me with endometriosis. I have had 5 surgeries and countless DNC’s and was told by 35 I would need a full hysterectomy.

Do I have a hysterectomy?

I am now 41 and still having issues but finally have a Dr who specializes in endometriosis. She wanted me to get a fertility test before a hysterectomy to see how the disease progressed and to ease my mind of I can have a child of my own. Well the test came back, I have a 1-2% chance of IVF working and a 50% chance of miscarriage. I am heartbroken but deep within I knew the outcome. I am now getting my mind healthy to make the decisions to have a full hysterectomy (I have had a partial at 24). I know having a child does not make you a mom, it’s raising the child that does, but knowing I have a high risk of miscarriage (from all my surgeries) I do not want to put my future child or myself through that but I am afraid of the hysterectomy. I am saddened about the outcome but ok about the outcome.

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  • Endo Warrior moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi @yvette01, thank you so much for sharing your story. Endo is so devastating and I can imagine it is hard to get your head around having a hysterectomy, particularly if you don’t have any kids yet. Also devastating to hear you can’t have kids…

    I had a hysterectomy at age 39, although my circumstances were slightly different in that I was able to have children, so the decision to have a hysterectomy was easier. I wrote about my experiences here, which may be helpful to you:

    Why I chose to have a hysterectomy –
    Recovering from a hysterectomy –

    Good luck with the decision and I hope you find the support you need.

    Christina (team member)

  • Jessie Madrigal moderator
    9 months ago

    Oh @yvette01 sounds like you have been through so much. I hope that whatever you decide to do, it brings you good health and a relief from the pain. Thank you so much for sharing your story on this platform. It matters so much for fellow patients like myself. The more we speak about endometriosis, the easier it will be for others to recognise the signs and find a treatment that works. – Jessie (team member)

  • Yvette01 author
    9 months ago

    Hi Jessie
    Thank you! I was afraid to post this as you may also know that what we go through sometimes gets blown off or told I’m making it up, but I am glad I found a community that shares the same issues! My Dr called it a partial but I think since I was young when I had the major surgery he tried to make it easy for me to understand.

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