Same S%$# Different Day

I’m 33 & endo has ruined more days of my life than I can count. I had my first cyst when I was 11 years old. I lost my left ovary to a cyst the size of a cantaloupe when I was 19, which was also when I was diagnosed with endo.

Pregnancy or hysterectomy??

I’ve had 16 abdominal surgeries because of it. I’ve taken every med known to man to try to slow it down or control it. I’m now at the point that my doc says we either have to get pregnant or I have to have a hysterectomy. So fertility specialists, here we come.

Believe me!

I’ve lost count of how many people think I’m lying or exaggerating how bad the pain is. Sadly, it’s usually other women who are the worst, unless they’re unfortunate enough to have it too. If it weren’t for my fiancé & my family, I probably would’ve folded years ago from whole mess.

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