My Endometriosis Journey

Hello, my name is Simmy and I’m 21 years old.

I got diagnosed with endometriosis Friday the 7th February after 9 years with pain.

It all started when I first got my period at 12 years old, I always had a lot of pain, and missed a lot of days at school, paracetamol and ibuprofen didn’t help at all. So my mom and I went to the doctor, but the doctor said, “some girls just have worse period pain than others”

Year by year my pain got worse

When I turned 15 I started taking birth control, it helped with my pain for about a year. When I turned 16 I started getting a lot of bowel pain and difficulty going to the toilet. Then one day I woke up with terrible stomach pain, and when I went to the toilet, there was blood in my stool. So I rushed to the doctor. The doctor referred me to the hospital for a colonoscopy, but they didn’t find anything in my bowel, and they told me that it was just “irritable bowel syndrome”. At first I believed them and was happy to get a diagnosis. But years went on and I tried everything the doctor told me would ease the symptoms of ibs, but nothing worked. One day one of my close friends who have endometriosis, told me that we have very similar symptoms. So I went to the doctor and told her about it, she referred me to the gynecologist at the hospital, 3 different doctor did ultrasound’s but didn’t find anything. One of them wanted to do a mri, so I got a mri which didn’t show anything, but she still wanted to do a laparoscopy because of all my symptoms. So I got booked for a laparoscopy the 7th February 2020. The doctor found endometriosis near my bladder and behind my uterus. She burned it with ablation. I was really happy to finally get the right diagnosis after 9 years in pain.

Will I find relief?

It’s been a month now and I feel no relief after my surgery. So I have booked an appointment with a nook doctor in July, who I hope can excise the endometriosis.

Thank you for reading my story. I’m sorry about my bad English, I’m from Denmark and it’s my second language.

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