Wisdom Teeth Pulled

I had all four wisdom teeth pulled two days ago. I’ve been trying to find any other women who have painful periods to see how they would compare the pain and could not. So I’ll just report the pain here myself.

Getting all four wisdom teeth pulled, I was under anesthesia but not completely asleep. I don’t remember most of the procedure, but there was a point where I did wake up enough to feel the pain of one of my teeth being pulled, which was my worst nightmare. However, I would get my wisdom teeth pulled once a month over having a period.

You heard it here, ladies. Getting your wisdom teeth pulled compared to painful endo-periods is a walk in the park. I was given acetaminophen with codeine but since I am unable to get that for my bad period days, I’m going to save it for that. The only downside is that I have to eat soft foods and don’t have much of an appetite, but hey! That means weight loss! Unlike a painful period, getting my wisdom teeth pulled has a silver lining.

Also, I am getting braces put on in two weeks. It’s nice to have a procedure done that will actually give results for a change. My husband was upset at the expense ($4,600 for braces and $500 for wisdom teeth removal) but for me it had been cathartic since I’ve spent far more that on gyns with things only getting worse for me to the point where I gave up on IVF.

It feels really good to finally do something for ME.

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