Endo: New Doc & Support of Friends

I’ve had constant pain and discomfort for a while and the doctors would always dismiss it as bad pms or ibs, but I never really got any further with any doctor I had. My mom would constantly tell me that I was over reacting when I wasn’t and I know my body and this feeling never went away.

Experiencing SOME relief

I did the birth control and it relaxed it and placed it on pause until I hit my thirties. The pain came back ten times harder and I was constantly missing work and in bed in pain not knowing what it was I had. I finally went to see a new obgyn and he diagnosed me with endo early last year and I have been on a pill to help stop the growth. It’s a temporary bandaid but it’s actually helped with my endo flare up attacks. Now they only last less then five minutes instead of a full day of in bed with a heating pad that never gave me too much relief.

Feeling supported, but not from everyone

I’m so glad for this new doc and the support of my friends, however I still don’t have much support from my family as they all tell me I’m over dramatic and it’s not a big deal. That the pain I’m in isn’t bad when none of them has ever dealt with anything close to what I have. I always thought being so young and in this much pain was never normal and I’m finally glad to know what it is and how to control it a little more.

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