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Last updated: March 2022

When I got my first period, I started my pain journey at ten years old, 9/11/2011. At that very moment, the searing and splitting pain began and continued until I stopped bleeding. Unfortunately, the excruciating pain would happen at least once a month from that moment on.

Pain in high school

After dealing with painful periods for five years, I entered high school, and my pain got worse. Instead of just once a month, excruciating pain would occur during both menstruation and ovulation, and I would be missing weeks of school. At this point, I was also a frequent visitor to the ER. Another five years went by, and I graduated high school in pain.

College, for me, meant more pain

Once I moved out for college, my entire condition got worse. While before I had two flares a month, it moved to be every week. Finally, in 2020 I was listened to, and I got my first excision surgery. While the diagnosis of endometriosis was relieving, my post-op experience was not. Following recovery, the flare-ups that occurred every week settled down only for a month or two. However, my disease came back full force.

You're not alone feeling this pain

Now I am in more pain than ever, nauseous every day for two years, visiting the ER more than previously, and having the most doctors I have ever had. Now the doctors don't know what to do, and I struggle to move daily from pain. While this isn't a happy ending, I want those who have the worst of endo to know-- I feel you. This chronic debilitating disease is just that- chronic and debilitating. I am PROUD of all of us who get out of bed each morning despite this pain.

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