My life with Endometriosis

Last updated: March 2021

When I was a young teenager and going to high school, my days were living in pain with long heavy painful periods and missing a lot of school, and finally quit after my sophomore year, at 17. I married and got my GED and had 3 babies, still suffering with excruciating pain that would put me to bed hemorrhaging.... Doctor after Doctor, no one knew any thing except that I was one of them with hard periods and a person that needed to grow up and not complain so much that the pain was in my head. After years, they decided after being in the hospital from hemorrhaging, they would do a hysterectomy, and that is when they found out I had a very severe case of Endometriosis and it was plastered inside and outside my uterus so bad that it had grown around my bowels. They had to literally perform a total hysterectomy and it had changed my life of hot flashes and hormone treatments..... As of today, I am free of pain and my life has changed so much. I pray every day that it doesn't grow any where else. So far my life is doing wonderful and I want to support woman out there with their pain and stories and there can be a happy ending......Judy

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