My Life with Endo

Last updated: March 2019

When she was 11 she got her cycle for the first time and it scared the heck out of her, because she didn't know. Her mom thought she was flowing way to heavy, (heavier than normal), so she took her to her pediatrician and she started her on a birth control to control it and did this for two years, but she had side effects to all the birth controls she prescribed her and a year later she stopped menstruation all together. Her doctor suspected it to be Polycystic Overy Disease and sent her to a gynecologist to run some test only to confirm it. Then it was back to bouncing around on birth controls and when she thought she had one that worked, it didn't and it made her mental health problems worse.

Praying for an answer

She eventually stopped the medication and just never menstruated. After years of no natural period, she prayed long, hard and all the time to God that she would get it. She was even raising her hand during church when they would say "I feel like I'm supposed to pray for someone with (list of health problems) and something similar to that applied to her. Or, during altar call when people would go up to the altar with the problems, she would go up and pray for a cycle, until one day, out of nowhere, she started naturally getting it again, even though it's irregular.

My Delayed Diagnosis

(Even though she may have been younger when she developed it, she didn't get diagnosed until July 2018) When she got older and started having adult check ups with her gynecologist, she noticed they would be even more painful than they normally should be. She didn't think anything of it or that there was anything else wrong, but every time she had her check ups or tried to put in a tampon, it would be unbearably painful. With in the last year when she would go to the bathroom the pain would be so painful and it would feel like someone was cutting her with a knife as she went and she would even bleed sometimes. So she went back to her gynecologist and!? she was diagnosed with Endometriosis and now has to have surgery and therapy for it. Fun right!?

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