My Journey So Far

My name is Grace and I am 20 years old. I began researching endometriosis when it was to the point that fatigue, pain, and periods were taking over my life.

It couldn't possibly be endo...

I was made to believe that endo was out of the question by my primary care doctor who said I would be “screaming and hurling over with pain" if I had it. (Further research confirmed that this statement was incorrect.) After having a pelvic ultrasound that eliminated uterine fibroids and PCOS from my list of possibilities, I was positive that endo was indeed the root of my pain.

Birth control was the first option

I went to a gynecologist to talk about how to make things better. She agreed that endo was likely the cause of my symptoms, but she proceeded to push birth control options that, to my understanding, could worsen endo. (I have been on birth control for two years, only to bleed more heavily and painfully than before. I am on the way to stopping my birth control to see if that eases my symptoms.)

Education is key

That said, I am continuing to research and broaden my understanding of endo, which is why I appreciate this site so much. A community like this makes you feel less alone. Big hugs to those who have been struggling.

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