My Endo Story

I managed to convince myself for years that my pain was normal, just slightly bad periods - but all girls get them.

Then when I was 18 everything changed

All of a sudden I was getting UTIs all the time, my periods were getting worse, and then slowly over time, I started getting the cramps. After multiple doctors and A&E trips, I was referred to a gynecologist, but covid put a pause on that.

"Girls are always complaining"

I was put on high painkillers which I am still on 2 years later, and a couple of A&E trips where doctors tried telling me it was all in my mind and it couldn’t be endometriosis. Even the gynecologist didn’t want me to have the laparoscopy because he said “girls are always complaining to him about painful periods but it rarely is anything so not to get my hopes up.” Well a few months later I was waking up from surgery, and they said it went well, and I did indeed have endo.

Still struggling

It was one of the scariest days of my life; because of covid I had to be alone the entire time, but I had to wear a mask the entire time when I got put to sleep and when I woke up - the mask was back on! Now I’m still struggling, the pill isn’t managing to stop my periods. I get them for 2 weeks at a time with only a week in between, so am hoping to get put on the waiting list for my second surgery soon!!

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