My Endo Battle

Last updated: March 2022

I knew I had endometriosis years before I was even diagnosed. Years of menstrual pain, doctor visits to be told it's just dysmenorrhea and only birth control will help my pain.

When I finally got help

I finally got some help only because I was having unprotected sex with my husband for over a year so they thought my fertility was at risk. To have a fertility specialist perform surgery to remove what he thought were cysts on ultrasound and found out I have stage IV endometriosis while in surgery. I had bilateral endometriomas on both ovaries, endo adhesions all in my cul-d-sac and attached to my bowel.

Surgeries and treatments

The first laparoscopy in 2019 left me with more pain radiating to my back. Second surgery found that doctor on Nancy's Nook FB group. She performed my second laparoscopy in 2020 clearly it was successful as I was able to get pregnant. But the pain came back with a vengeance after my baby in 2021. Now doing acupuncture, pelvic floor therapy which helps, and just received a superior hypogastric plexus block since doctors make it hard to prescribe medication strong enough for my pain.

My hopes for the future

There are way too many struggling with this disease that goes undiagnosed. Praying for better outcomes so others don't suffer as long as we have ğŸ˜ž

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