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Last updated: August 2021

Hey everyone. My name is Megan! I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis this year after having surgery.

What they found during surgery

They stated my endometriosis completely close my fallopian tubes and I also had large endometriosis cyst on both ovaries. Well, the surgery wasn't successful. A month after surgery I started to have severe pain on my right side again. Went to the Emergency room and the cyst was back. Called my ob-gyn and had another ultrasound scheduled.

It's a hard surgery for me

Well in a month's time I went from one cyst to five on my right ovary. So now I will be having surgery again to remove my right ovary. This is a hard surgery for me. In 2019 I had a miscarriage. Well I went in for my first ultrasound and the was no heartbeat. Which lead to having a D&C. Then for a year and half I was struggling getting pregnant. Which I am still struggling. So November of 2020 I end up in the hospital with cyst. Again at this time we didn't think it was endo.

Still there

Waited 3 months and March of 2021 went and got another ultrasound and the cyst were still there. Which then leads up to the beginning of the story.

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