Hello! I am so new to all of this... and I have hit a wall recently and don’t know where to turn. I have come across this forum and thought it may help! So I will try my best haha.

So here it goes...
I have always suffered with my period pain (every 3 weeks doubled over, constant severe pain, heavy bleeding, chest pains and so on...) i have always just thought it ‘normal’ and took strong painkillers and hot water bottles and have had to get on with it.

Severe pain led me to seek a doctor

Fast forward to last year, where I noticed the pain was a lot more severe so spoke to a doctor who referred me to see a gynaecologist.. I’ve had scans, ultra sounds and internals - the doctor thinks endometriosis may be my problem but the only way to find out was with a laparoscopy. I was also advised to try the pill and I was offered the opp a couple of months later but with no information given to me I was very nervous and decided to try the pill before making that step. Bad move on my part... this effected me mentally and I was a completely different person (my poor boyfriend and family noticed this a lot!) and I didn’t feel myself - mood swings and a lot of anger etc.

Receiving a UTI diagnosis

Now fast forward to December 2020... I noticed I hadn’t had any PMT (which is normally a big sign I am coming on my period) weeks went by and I hadn’t started my period... I worried I was pregnant as I was feeling dizzy, sick, bloated, change in my eating habits and constant stomach pains almost like my period... turns out I was not and finally came on my period 7 weeks later. Which was horrendous and unbearable but I hoped the pain would disappear. It did not. So I contacted my GP, After speaking to the doctor they recommended I went to a+e which I did, I was in and out saw doctors who tested my bloods and send me home with antibiotics for a ‘UTI’... which I didn’t believe as I have these before and this time I didn’t have any of the normal symptoms other than stomach pain... which I explained and the doctors told me if I am still in pain to go back to my GP. Which I did after my antibiotics as the pain was still so severe... they said no sign of a UTI and sent me home with more codeine.

The severe pain still continues

I am still in agony every single day, this has now been going on for over a month I don’t know what to do; I can not function... 😭😭 I have another appointment with my gynaecologist but not until May which I do not think I can wait for in this much pain!?

I can tell something is not right with my body as this is not normal for me...

I have a TENS machine which isn’t hitting the sides, I am on codeine which doesn’t seem to help and just recently started taken menefic acid when and if I have a period.

Where do I go from here?

I feel at a loose end and just don’t know where to go from here... who to turn or talk to about my problems.

Does anyone have any advice for me?
- help on pain relief
- advise on what you think my next steps should me
- would you advise me to have a laparoscopy to investigate

And any other advice/experience would be greatly appreciated as I just don’t know how to carry on in this much pain.

Thank you if you have took the time to read this long message (sorry if it doesn’t quite make sense... it is late and I have just taken my last dose of codeine!)

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