I had outrageous pain in my back, plus my years of endo pain. I had surgery in 2012 and the gyno removed endo hitting a nerve near my spine. I felt great back relief right out of surgery.

Pain in new places

I was still recovering from surgery and complained that the endo pain across my abdomen was still there. She gave me 5 days worth of Vicodin and said Motrin from then on. It didn’t help.

More surgeries, more pain

I’ve had 4 endo surgeries, with different drs, and only recalled the back relief from Dr 2012. I wanted her to do my latest because I needed relief. She did a full hysterectomy and removed ovaries. The recovery was brutal, but even worse...I still have hideous endo pain.

Not feeling supported

I went to 2 post-op appnts, and still had a non-healing wound. I had an infection. I think she thought I was making up pain for pills. I requested another exam 2x. I tried finding a pain specialist, without success.

Trying to find help

A month later, I got a healthcare navigator to assist me in finding help. She asked my gyno to refer me to an endo clinic, and she would NOT. Why?! Why would a dr impede my search for relief?! I still don’t know. I got the ref from my primary, finally

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