Marie's Journey

I have never had an easy period as if they were meant to be in the first place. I started a few weeks shy of my 13th birthday. I was born with Spina Bifida and treated as if I would never reach womenhood. Therefore when I got my first period I was scared as heck. Normally if I bleed from well you know. It was because when I cathed myself I poked myself in the wrong area and caused bleeding. However it didn't last ALL DAY LONG. So I went on to find out from my mom who welcomed me into next stage of life.

Cries falling on deaf ears.

As time went on I grew to hate my period. I often complicated at my physical of my period being unbarring but was told to live with it by my female pediatrician "things we'll get better" After her I saw a female Family NP. How took my Spina Bifida issues more seriously thankful than the last. However my unbarring periods were overlooked. She eventually moved to another part of Wisconsin I moved my health care to a completely different hospital/ clinic. We're yet again I compliant about my periods being not bearable. Again my pleads and cries fell to deaf ears of a fellow female. In December of 2018 til August of last year I was a wits end an unsure of my next move.

Finally the support I need & deserve!

I talked to my urologist and told him that I felt like my kidney was going to burst only during my mense he looked at me and said it was probably my pelvis and though not his department he'd get me the help I needed. This was music to my ears literally. I was so over joyed when he listens though knowing him since I was two years old I knew he would I was relieved to get someone to listen to me, although it took me months to find the confidence to ask a man for help I'm so glad I ask the right one. The following month I started seeing the OBGYN he suggested. I got an ultrasound done a week from my first appointment. That showed us to be inconclusive, and with my Spina Bifida, it's harder to narrow down a conclusive reason for my symptoms. We decided to go with Depo shot first but with my migraines with aura it makes med treatment impossible.

Am I alone?

So far it's been four months but I'm doing okay except this last shot (my second) isn't responding to my body as the first did. Some times I feel worse then others however I was warned things get worse before better. I'm just looking for people in same situation that can put judgement aside and love a person for them. Also any tips of dos and dont's would be most appreciated. Again I'm Marie an I am 31.

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