Life With Endometriosis

Last updated: March 2022

Well, I'd like to tell you, I was 17 years old and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had my 1st surgery. The medical insurance plan I had, after approving my surgery, I started getting bills from the hospital, labs, anesthesia, telling me that they were not going to pay because my condition was PREEXISTING. Mind you this was 1st surgery ever in my life. I got stuck with all the bills.

The words that came as a crushing blow

My surgeon said to me you will NEVER have a child. I left devasted his office, went and asked my older sister if she would carry a baby for me the day that I decided to have a baby. Her answer without thinking she said NO. I felt empty, sad, devasted, I had a very sad childhood and I took it as a punishment. So I would have every month horrible pain, nausea, migraines, depression, suicidal thoughts, having intercourse was so painful and still is very painful and not enjoyable at times.

Painful events

Well as I got older found another doctor and I had 13 laparoscopies with D&C. I had Chocolate Cyst all over my organs. I had Lupron and Zoladex treatment, Birth Control pills, but my symptoms come back. I didn't protect myself since I was told I couldn't have children until 24 years old and I got pregnant but sadly I miscarried at 4 1/2 months and my boyfriend broke up with me. My mother told me I brought shame to my family. So, I gave up and went to see another doctor. Years went by and at age 33 I got pregnant again without trying. It happened again and miscarried again. I went to another doctor who did serious labs and genetic testing. All this time I still have monthly pain, gain weight, and felt horrible. While seeing this doctor I get pregnant and worked full-time and carried a heavy workload. I started spotting and the doctor put me on bed rest at 5 months pregnant and bleeding. I was told I had thrombophilia disorder.

A long hard road

I started injecting Heparin Injections and drinking Aspirin. Then I had an episode of passing out and the cardiologist recommended I take Atenolol. So, I take all these medications and stay in bed for the next 9 months. After my son's delivery, I suffered painful bleeds, pain, post-partum depression. Then months later I found out I was pregnant again and I started getting sick. At 1 month of pregnancy, I had to take all those medicines and inject myself again and my body had not recovered from my son. I was back taking care of the baby and having another baby on bed rest and no family to help me, not even my boyfriend at the time that now is my husband.

Still not sure what stage of endo I have

But after my daughter was born the doctor recommended that I get a tubal ligation and I did, but the pain is still here, the moods, the bloatedness, the pain during intimacy. I stopped going to the doctor because I can't find one where I live. In my last surgery they couldn't even tell me what level of endometriosis I have. So, I haven't seen a doctor, and now 50 years old, I am 53 days late, no period, not pregnant but I don't think is menopause. I still have bloating, pain on my right side, breast pain, uncomfortable bowel movement, migraines, nausea, you name it. But if I can't find a doctor to treat me correctly I will never know my level of endometriosis.

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